Food street in Peshawar

Since my khala, my mom’s sister, lives right off of Peshawar’s food street, I thought it would be a shame if I didn’t dedicate a post to just that. And so, I present the various delicacies made fresh daily in the City of Flowers:

Gosht (beef) tikka – marinated in spices and fried with green chili peppers and cherry tomatoes
Paya – cow legs and hooves (it tastes better than it sounds)
Ganderi – peeled sugarcane pieces; it’s meant to be chewed to drink the juice and the rest is discarded
Tandoori naan – the long ones are Afghani and the round ones are Peshawari
BBQ Mutton tikka
Chicken sajji – the rods are manually rotated as each chicken is dry roasted around a center fire
This is a dry fruit shop. If people are waiting on long orders to cook, they tend to eat dry fruit to kill time, mainly during the winter season. In the summer, they eat salad.
Marinated fish – this fish is marinated in yogurt, lemon, mixed spices, and various herbs and then it is deep fried
Fried fish – it is marinated similarly to that shown above, cut into smaller pieces, and then fried (not deep fried) in shallow oil
Gajar ka halwa – carrot based dessert
Top shelf left to right: sohan halwa, barfi, jalebi; Second shelf: ladoo (at Ditta Sweet House)
Shami kababs and french fries
Chaat – each tray contains a different type of chaat (macaroni, fruit, chana, dahi phulkian). These are sold at Baba Foods, a restaurant that opened the day I took this picture (S/O to the uncle that gave me a free full size sample).
Pheniya – ready-to-eat vermicelli, commonly eaten with chai
Kheer – rice pudding dessert

These are only some of the many foods that are sold on food street in Peshawar. However, I must say, at my khala’s request, that none of these foods beat her special homemade smoked chicken:

I can’t lie, it’s really good and I waited six years to eat it again

Lastly, this post is all thanks to my khaloo, my mom’s sister’s husband, who showed me around town to take pictures and explore the beautiful city that is Peshawar.


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